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© Imogen Fancourt

The GermBugs are a set of bacterial characters whose adventures we follow to learn about microbiology and infection.

Watch this video from the Microbiology Society where we talk about the GermBugs:

GermBugs: Why?

The human brain has evolved to learn and remember through stories

Microbiology and infection is well suited to being taught using stories

We believe the power of stories can help you learn and remember microbiology and infection which can help you prevent children and adults dying of sepsis

We know stories are not how your education is usually boxed, but we hope you find this approach complements your traditional teaching methods

GermBugs: The benefits

We have worked with medical students and patients to develop the GermBugs. Both parties valued the use of story, images and metaphor in developing their understanding of scientific concepts and the sequence of events.  This led to students reporting the following benefits after using the GermBugs resource:

Understanding scientific concepts easily


1. Becoming more engaged with infection teaching


2. Remembering scientific processes better


3. Learning and revising efficiently.


4. Communicating more effectively with patients, conveying greater confidence and trustworthiness.

GermBugs: Getting started

© Imogen Fancourt

Is this your first time looking at GermBugs? Not Sure of the benefits?
Head to the ‘Getting Started‘ section to compare GermBugs to lectures.