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Welcome to the GermBugs. This resource has been designed by clinical microbiologists, supported by experts in medical resource development. GermBugs is a resource specifically designed for medical students to make learning microbiology very very easy. In fact the only problem is you might find it too easy to learn. We know… medical school should be serious, but for once, you have the option to do it the easy way.

Terms & Conditions

If you wish to proceed to use GermBugs please be aware of the following:

This resource is released on the following understanding: Text University of Leeds © 2021. Author Andrew Kirby. Author asserts their moral rights to be acknowledged as the author of this work and also for the work not to be subject to further distortion. Illustrations Imogen Fancourt © Illustrator Imogen Fancourt. Illustrator asserts that all illustrations are the intellectual property of Imogen Fancourt, and may not be reappropriated for any use outside of this research for profit or otherwise. Use: Text and illustrations may only be used for non-commercial internal educational and training purposes. For further use and enquiries please contact Andrew Kirby ( use of text and illustration is entirely at your own risk. No warranty is given as to the ownership or integrity of the work.