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Case Studies

Case Studies

This is a unique facility developed for the use of Leeds University Medical Students. The cases are organised according to year group and should reflect the clinical / education material that is covered in that academic year. For example Year 1 will have anatomy slides, whereas Year 4 has Musculoskeletal cases included.

The cases are set up so that the student can only access their own year group plus earlier years. This means that by the final year the student will have access to the whole case library.

The cases have been carefully selected to represent common and / or important conditions that the Tutors feel are essential knowledge for the new qualified doctor. They are set up in a self-test format so that the initial slide will have a question and an image with the answer will be on the next slide.

Students are expected to know all of the cases appropriate to their Year group and below. They may also find the Year 3,4 and 5 cases in their formal assessments / examinations. Therefore full advantage should be made of this resource during the revision periods. To obtain the maximum benefit from each case it is recommended to also read around the cases as only the bare minimum information is provided on the slides.

Access the Case Library here

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3 - 22/23 MEDI3217 Campus to Clinic 3 (29768) and in a folder called Radiology Cases

Year 4

Year 5 - 202223 PROG BMS M.B. Ch.B. Medicine MD and in a folder called Radiology Breakfast Club > Radiology Cases