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iDecide is our Careers Resource designed to help you explore the range of specialties available to you once you graduate.

The Specialties Resource contains over 120 interviews with practising clinicians, talking about their career paths and what it is really like to work in their specialty. Alternatively here is a taster of the full resource, for this you do not need a log in.

Specialties Resource






The Further Careers Resource contains information and guidance on a whole range of topics including Intercalating, CV production, electives choices and what to do if medicine isn't right for you.

Further Careers Resource

A week in the life of a Haematology Registrar

This is an example of one individual's experience as a Haematology Registrar, in a busy teaching hospital environment. View the resource here.

iDecide Evaluation

Have you used the iDecide resource at any point on the MBChB?

We would really like to hear what you think.

We are running an in depth evaluation on iDecide and we want to know what you particularly like and how you would like to see it improved?

Please click the link below. We are really grateful for your feedback!

Physician Associate

A video interview with two practicing Physician Associates.