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Leeds Digital Festival - AR / VR

Wednesday 18 April 2018, 18:00 – 20:30
Charles Thackrah Building, 90 Clarendon Road, Room G.05, Leeds, LS2 9LB



The University of Leeds would like to invite you to join us for a meet to hear about the exciting Research and Education projects in Immersive Technology from the UK’s leading Virtual Reality University. This networking event is supported by the AR / VR Association and comprises some short talks, opportunities to see and use some of our virtual reality work and talk to the researchers and users of our VR resources.


Presentations will be from:

Jeremy Dalton, Co-President of the AR/VR association and VR lead from PwC. Jeremy leads PwC's VR/AR proposition, helping clients understand and quantify the benefits of virtual & augmented reality technology.

Steve Dann CEO of Medical Realities and Co-president of AR/VR association will update of the future technology trends in AR and VR and what was shown at CES 2018 (consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas). Steve is Co-Founder/CEO Medical Realities | Founder/CEO Amplified Robot | Co-President VR/AR Association London, VR & AR Expert. An acknowledged leading expert in Augmented & Virtual Reality, Steve is a regular writer and contributor to media blogs and a thought-leader in the digital media and Augmented/Virtual reality sectors.

Professor Mark Mon-Williams discussing the Born in Bradford programme and how we are linking education and health data across a city. Mark is Professor of Cognitive Psychology and Professor of Psychology (Bradford Institute of Health Research). Mark studies the control of human action with particular regard to the use of visual information in guiding hand movements.

Prof Richard Romano will present on VirtuoCITY, our new city simulation environment. Rich holds a chair in driving simulation in the Institute of Transport studies.

Gareth Frith, Learning Technology Project Manager from the School of Medicine will talk about immersive technology in Medical Teaching and Training using Mixed and Virtual reality. Gareth focusses on mobile technologies for supporting medical education and is working on AR / VR resources for teaching medical students.


There will be opportunities to:

- try a driving and pedestrian simulator;

- see what happens to your tissue sample when it is sent to a pathology lab by your doctor or surgeon. This is a Virtual Reality tour of the Pathology lab and uses 360 degree Video for explaining specific techniques;

- try a mixed reality Microsoft HoloLens headset being used for anatomy and healthcare training,

- see an example of a high-end VR Oculus® system being used for training surgeons.

- discuss how Immersive technologies are being used to enhance cultural experience and provide access to heritage assets.

- discuss how Artificial Intelligence will develop alongside AR/VR

This is an interactive event where you can listen to speakers, try out the exciting technology and meet with some of the research experts from the University.


To register for the event please click here and book through Eventbrite.