Designed exclusively for the University of Leeds this app enables students to get ‘in-the-moment’ feedback on their clinical practice.





My Progress:

The app complements the Progress File ePortfolio enabling students to complete exercises and create Learning Notes on the go.




CSP App:

The clinical skills passport (CSP) is a bespoke workplace based assessment app which interfaces with the e-portfolio system and enables students to capture assessment data and feedback wherever they are.

The aim of the CSP is to enable students to access the right level of teaching whilst recording and monitoring their longitudinal clinical skills acquisition. The focus of the CSP entries is individual tasks/skills.

The CSP is designed to make it easier for students to monitor and showcase their clinical skills progression. This student led assessment framework can be utilised by students and tutors to help identify areas for development whilst in clinical practice. The CSP data allows us to monitor and support student’s clinical skills development over a longitudinal period whilst providing evidence of student progression and skill acquisition for both HEI and regulatory bodies.

If you have any questions about completing these assessments please contact



Synap (formerly MyCQs): Create & Practice MCQs:

This app was created and founded by James Gupta and Omair Vaiyani, both medical students from the University of Leeds. MyCQs encourages active learning by letting students create their own Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) tests, recall by allowing them to practice them whenever they want, and peer to peer collaboration through the sharing of tests online. A collection of 1,000 professionally created MCQs for medicine, in addition to over 200,000 community generated questions are available for free!
See the MyCQs website, and app.