Designed exclusively for the University of Leeds this app enables students to get ‘in-the-moment’ feedback on their clinical practice.





My Progress:

The app complements the Progress File ePortfolio enabling students to complete exercises and create Learning Notes on the go.




CSP App:

The CSP app is designed to make it easier to monitor and showcase your current development in clinical skills (DOPS). The app acts as a passport to access the right level of teaching and opportunities to practice your skills. This in turn will help tutors to focus their teaching and give them confidence that they are teaching you at an appropriate level. Every completed skills assessment is collated in the CSP app and mapped against the year’s requirement for progression (the importing of information to the app will happen on a weekly basis whilst we work on a more immediate update). You can also easily access previous feedback on a skill to consolidate your learning to date and avoid repetition of errors.



Synap (formerly MyCQs): Create & Practice MCQs:

This app was created and founded by James Gupta and Omair Vaiyani, both medical students from the University of Leeds. MyCQs encourages active learning by letting students create their own Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) tests, recall by allowing them to practice them whenever they want, and peer to peer collaboration through the sharing of tests online. A collection of 1,000 professionally created MCQs for medicine, in addition to over 200,000 community generated questions are available for free!
See the MyCQs website, and app.